Have you ever imagined how the traffic of TechCrunch increased by 30% within a period of just 2 months? Neil Patel is the name behind this magical progress, who has gained an immense popularity with his entrepreneurial and digital marketing skills. He co-founded Hello Bar,Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics and helped Fortune 500 companies like HP, Amazon, Viacom, GM and NBC in their revenue growth. Neil had started gaining entrepreneurial skills from his home, being surrounded by professionals. His maternal uncles ran multiple businesses that rubbed off on his mom, persuading her to start her home daycare business.

Neil began his career life at the ‘John F. Kennedy High School’ during his initial year, where his older cousin used to sell burned CDs. Young Neil followed his cousin, but avoided selling pirated media to be on the safe side.

Observing the low return on investment, he shifted to a more lucrative venture of selling black boxes and capitalized on by buying cable black boxes from eBay, making more money. Due to legal concerns, he started reselling automotive parts, for which, he got a resellers permit from the State Board of Equalization.

Patel got his first real job at Knott’s Berry Farm at the age of 15, where he was involved in cleaning restrooms, emptying trash cans, sweeping up vomit and picking up trash. He loved this job because it paid him some extra cents per hour than other jobs at the same place. 3 months later, he shifted to a sales job at Quality Systems, where he used to sell Kirby Vacuums worth $1600.

When he realized that the job won’t help him get rich, he made up his mind to explore other opportunities, for which, his sister introduced him to his boss, an Oracle Consultant. Turning to, he studied its business model to launch Advice Monkey, his own job board, an unsuccessful attempt, but he got introduced to the potential of Internet Marketing.

Thus, to avail the benefits of this field, he joined Cypress Community College to learn about Digital Marketing, where he got his first lead. Then, he initiated a business venture with her sister’s boyfriend, her present husband, and created the Crazy Egg that created a huge buzz.

Neil tried to sell it, failing which he started working on it and gained a reputation in the market. Today, he owns several software and internet marketing firms, including the popular KISSmetrics and has invested in multiple businesses.

After earning a huge revenue and fame, Neil is looking forward to help non-profit organizations with his skills, to help them grow and make the world a better place.

Net Worth of Neil Patel is $10,00,000

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